The Association for Precision Pharmacy Services is dedicated to supporting pharmacists, providers and payors of precision medicine solutions.  

Our benefits are geared towards providing the contracting and reimbursement support needed for our members to develop a successful practice.  We also work directly with private and federally funded payers on the state and national level to develop programs that benefit our members by allowing them to be paid for the services they offer directly.

Standard Membership (Pharmacist)

Benefits Include:

  • Private Payer Contracting Training and Support

  • Medicare Support (Where Applicable)

  • Reimbursement Training and Support

  • Billing and Claims Processing During Training (Maximum of 25 Claims)

  • Telehealth Software and Training (no cost for first 25 successful encounters)

  • Participation in Private Payer Programs Contingent Upon Availability and Eligibility


monthly and Annual payment options

Our membership can be paid monthly at $100 with no long term commitment, or annually with one payment of $1000

We have a separate offering for CLIA Labs


 APRXS represents the emerging Precision Medicine industry and its practitioners with a special focus on independent Pharmacies, Pharmacists and PharmD's.  We also support membership for CLIA Labs, and the software and service companies that support the needs of these providers.  We do not accommodate student membership at this time.


The Association for Precision Pharmacy Services is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit industry association. Tax ID# 47-5288440.

Membership dues are non-refundable. APRXS will never share members’ personal contact or payment information with any other parties without written consent.